Digital Forms for Safety and Compliance

Main Benefits of Upgrading to Digital Forms

When it comes to safety and compliance, paperless is the way to go. These are just a few examples:

  • Digital forms are customizable, and features like drag-and-drop let you create them exactly as needed.
  • You can include many elements like dropdown lists, check boxes, Likert scales and open text fields.
  • To go fully paperless, you need a way to sign documents online. However, an electronic signature feature can let you sign a form with your tablet, smartphone or computer.
  • All employees have completed their training.
  • Equipment inspections are done regularly.
  • Competency reviews are completed, keeping your business on track.

Keeping Your Information Safe with Digital Forms

By using digital forms in 2022, the risk of losing important documents is almost zero. This was a common problem in the past, since physical information is easily lost or destroyed. Digital backups are now available to keep all your information safe, and even data that was deleted by mistake can be recovered. One of the greatest benefits of digital storage is having searchable information: type what you’re looking for on the search bar, and forget about flipping through endless folders!

About BIS Safety Software:

BIS Safety Software was founded in 2006 and offers learning & compliance software for EH&S professionals, including a learning management system, training matrix, and much more. BIS also offers digital forms for site audits, incident reports, and many other form-based tasks.

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BIS Safety

BIS Safety

BIS Safety provides Online Safety Courses and Safety Software’s.