Vehicle Safety Kits — What Do You Need to Include?

What to Include in Your Vehicle Safety Kit

1. Necessities

Why not start with the obvious? Extra toilet paper, wet hand wipes, hygiene products. Necessities are a very personal thing: whatever it is if you “just can’t live without it” because it’s important to you, include it in your emergency kit!

2. First aid kit (with all the fixings)

Bandages, sterile and latex-free supplies, forceps, scissors, gauze, compress dressings with ties, emergency blankets, antibiotic ointment, antiseptic towelettes, etc. Check out what the requirements are for your state worksites and start with that first aid kits contents list as a baseline and add your preferred additional items.

3. Hand Sanitizer

Hand sanitizer is great to have in your vehicle safety kit. After all, it’s been in our cars since the start of the pandemic, right? Sanitizers can be used to help sterilize our hands in a pinch so we don’t get sick after using the washroom somewhere without a sink or running water.

4. Ingestible Items

This includes food, medicine, and beverages.

5. A Light

Glow Sticks, tea-lite candles, lighter

6. Roadside Emergency Kit

These can be purchased at safety specialty stores as well as big-box stores, and often includes a flashlight, reflective roadside triangles, flares, etc.

7. Multitool

The Swiss army knife of car safety: Many models can cut seatbelts, break glass, test tire pressure, act as scissors, screwdrivers, pliers, and more! They are also super handy as keychain attachments. For push-start vehicles that don’t require the key in the ignition, it may be a good idea to secure one of these multi-tools in your sun visor instead. These can be a real lifesaver in a pinch! Be sure to choose one that is stainless steel with a non-slip grip.

8. Warm clothing / extra layers

As we exit winter we can get a little over-excited about the warmer weather. This excitement often leaves us unprepared and left in the cold. Don’t forget an extra sweater, hat, mitts, and socks for times you are broken down and need warmth and dry clothes while you wait for roadside assistance — even in the summer!

9. Alternative Items

  • Can opener if packing any canned goods
  • Wind up radio
  • Notebook and pencil/pen
  • Knife (if your multi-tool doesn’t have one)
  • Hand warmers
  • External mobile charger and cord for charging your dead phone
  • If you’re really safety conscious, electronic SOS systems are a great addition to your vehicle safety kit at a low cost (comparably) and allow access to calls and texts outside the service area with satellite technology. Many even include location tracking and a one-click emergency SOS button to notify authorities of medical or other emergencies at your location in times of distress.
  • Inspect monthly to ensure supplies remain intact, charged, and in condition for use. Remember: documenting your inspection and corrective actions is a great way to demonstrate due diligence! Workplaces may also include additional required items on a pre-trip, like fire extinguishers, fire-rated coveralls, etc.
  • Keep stocked with items in the average quantity of the number of people typically in your car. For example, larger workgroups, or larger families, might prepare their kit with additional supplies.
  • Store your gear in a small carry-on sized suitcase in your trunk/ floor of the back seat so everything is organized, available, accessible, and protected.

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